Review Monster

Sales leader in Europe.

Just like SUVs for the car market, multi-purpose bikes continue to increase their market share to the detriment of the more traditional segments. Sales in Europe of this type of electric bicycle continue to increase in in continuous ascent.

The strong appetite for this type of model, which hasfat 4″ tires and a 500 watt engine, is impressive and provides: robustness, safety, style and versatility .

Why is it a Monster?

A true Monster is basically defined by its 4″ fat tires, which provide more stability, attack, safety, comfort, power, performance and range.

Beyond the tires, the Monster line is equipped with a 500W 5-speed engine, which together with the 7-speed gearbox provides plenty of power and performance.

They are perfect bikes for any occasion, be it the city, the beach or the mountains.

Tucano Monster 20

The 20″ models have more variations, are foldable, lighter and more agile. With options for different uses and profiles, low frame ideal for seniors and women, full suspension offers more comfort on all types of terrain, the LTD is the best selling model for its beauty.

Tucano Monster 26

The 26″ models offer you longer rides with unmatched style because they come with larger frames. We have two models one with retro beach style with wide handlebars ideal for going to the beach, along the promenade etc..

Another equipped with a mountain style frame for rougher terrain.